Moulin Rouge

Important Notes

  1. This collection will be open from August 4th at 6pm Eastern until August 11th evening UNLESS I reach capacity
  2. Capacity for this is going to be a bit smaller than normal because I'm aiming to have things out the door by September 18th - about a 5/6 week turn around
  3. There will be a second round of this in October to be shipped by the end of the year BECAUSE
  4. Pima fingering and bamboo/linen won't be offered for this round... I know, I'm very sad. It's why I have 2 New bases this time round.
  5. I cannot guarantee all the bases available this time round will be available next round.... supply chain nonsense is supply chain nonsense and I can't sell what I don't have!


New bases:

Organic Cotton/Linen
True Fingering Weight - if not a little heavy
60% Organic Cotton 40% Linen
383 yards

Comps (literally the same yarn as): Undine by ritual fibers, Deer Creek from Terrapin. I've technically had this base around before but I just finally actually figured out how to handle it and I'm truly in love!

Pattern ideas: Jessie Maed's catalog of summer wear is in undine, Park Knit's Siren skirt as well! Great for tees and tanks, nice and grippy so can be used for colorwork!

Feel: It's definitely rougher to the touch, but break in lovely. I haven't hated knitting with it, but going from this to bamboo/linen, bamboo/linen feels like butter

Care: You can machine wash this as you can with cotton yarns. I recommend hand washing for longevity

Growth: I'm always asked about growth and my answer is always wishy washy. It doesn't grow much from just steaming/blocking (amount of growth will always depend on gauge/stitch/pattern), but it will relax with use, a trip in the drier will tighten it back up though

Sport Weight (though it can easily work fingering)
70% Linen 30% Mulberry Silk Yarn
320 yards

Feel: it's the most "linen" of all the bases. cotton/linen feels more cotton rough while this feels more stiff. It's slicker, so definitely no colorwork. Literally an amazing finished fabric feel though. I think it's absolutely worth the crispiness and rougher hand

Weight: while this is a sport weight, it can easily be used for fingering weight. The final fabric is *slightly* sheer, but in a way that if making a wearable it's not really noticeable, but maybe watch undergarment colors

Comps: slightly heavier than quince and co sparrow, a bit lighter than euroflax, I don't have an exact 1:1 but these are good yarns to look at for projects!

Growth: similar to organic cotlin, it doesn't melt or really stretch but the fibers do relax as you wear, so there will be some growth with use, so relaxed fits are great for it. Things that help: seams for structure and support!

Care: because this has a protein fiber in the blend, I recommend hand washing with a silk or wool wash - normal detergents break down protein fibers. You *can* machine wash if you want but definitely in a delicates bag, on gentle and lay flat to dry, and do not use normal detergent!

Project ideas! I have so many, I'll be sharing in my story, but here are a few:
crochet: the Laurentian tee, malva tank, pasteque
Knit: cozy classic raglan light, color tip tee, telesto, hermeline